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enCOURAGEment for artists & entrepreneurs 

ec-poster-02Everyone needs encouragement. You, me, all of thee.

 What is enCOURAGEment? 
It‘s the art of offering HOPE and LOVE. It’s the act of making something beautiful. It’s the deliberate practice and inspired action of being BRAVE.

It takes COURAGE to pursue our dreams. It takes bravery to make our art. It takes vulnerability to put ourselves wholeheartedly out into the world. And yet, why is it so hard for so many of us to show up and show ourselves off? We’re dying to be seen but terrified to bare our soul.

enCOURAGEment helps us show up and show ourselves off exactly as we are. Flaws and all.

It‘s the nudge we need to go to our uncomfortable edge.
To challenge our creativity. To speak our truth.
enCOURAGEment isn’t just about telling you what you want to hear. True encouragement challenges you compassionately to be the best being you can become. Daring you to do you what you came here for, what your soul is asking of you. When we dare to  BE BRAVE, we inspire others to do the same.

enCOURAGEment offers a fiercely gentle fortitude that can’t always assembled on our own in the face of adversity. Whether its relying on our own words or the wisdom and well-wishes of someone who has our heart, enCOURAGEment is essential for us to be able to persevere on the path.

With enCOURAGEment, we will eventually, inevitably, always rise.











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ensO :: essence of emptiness 

Enso is a sacred symbol in the Japanese arts culture which is universally known as the circle of infinity and enlightenment.  The brushstroke of the enso is a reflection of the artist’s state of consciousness in the moment of creation.  A meditation in motion, a prayer on the page.  Sit with these ensO contemplation cards daily to create your own state of grace.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.35.57 AM enso contemplation cards52 cards hand-wrapped and tied.

ENSO Contemplation Cards