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Category Archives: Inspiration | Page 398

New Beginnings


Do you feel celebratory about new beginnings or dread about having to start all over and “do it all again.”
Do you feel hopeful or helpless?
Are you inspired or tired?
Are you truly living the life you were meant to live?

Whether it’s a new year or just a new beginning,  we tend to make grand plans. Resolutions will be declared, dreams will be written and promises will be broken.

Something to accomplish, more to achieve. And then we are disappointed.  We get sideswiped by circumstances and taken over by habitual patterns that no longer serve us. We compare ourself to others and think that we must be “falling behind” because we are not accomplishing success and goals fast enough, good enough and enough enough.

What happened to living for the sake of the soul?

“What does that mean?”  you ask?  It means to live the life that  you {we/us} are meant to live.

It is a life of passion and purpose. It is living with an open heart. It is seeing synchronicity lay the path down for us to follow. It is being aware that we are already what we are meant to be. We just have to find our way home.