note to self

{The true novelist, poet, musician, or artist is really a discoverer.}

– rosamund harding


Sadly, most of us live our lives immersed in our daily to-do’s merely longing for experiences that awaken us from our auto pilot activities and promise to propel us into a place of discovery.  Although we can transport ourselves from time to time with an isolated experience, we find it difficult to sustain that kind of soulful sustenance in our everyday lives.

 How can our everyday ordinary lives be a perpetual pilgrimage that inspires awe and aesthetic arrest?
Here are 10 ways that might inspire you to live life differently this year. Create your own list of inspiration and let it take you to an outer edge of where you normally reside.

    No. 1   Say “YES” to one big thing you’d love to do but have been afraid to do.
    You’ll know what it is when it arrives, because it will make you want to run like hell in the other direction.  Not because you don’t want it, but because you do.  Allow your self the chance to explore and expand out of your usual comfortable cocoon.  The confidence and satisfaction you’ll feel for having done it, whatever the outcome, will be reason enough to be glad you did.

No. 2  Take notice of nature.

    How often do you ignore the sights and sounds of what is in front of you?  When you step outside the door today, open your eyes to the sky,  feel your feet on the earth, breathe in the  ethers of the air. This is the beginning of everything.
    No. 3.   Get out of your head and into your feet.
    Whether you’re dancing in community or enjoying the momentary abandonment of your self -conciousness in pure physical play, moving our bodies is a liberating way to let go of the habitual mind games we play with ourselves.   Freedom at its finest.

No. 4  Give yourself permission to  be and do something different.

    We don’t always have to be and do what we and others expect of us, or  what we expect of ourselves.  Dare yourself to do something you haven’t done before. No need to make it an effort.  It’s often the simple things that surprise and satisfy us unexpectedly.
    No. 5  Go see some art.

The more unexpected and unusual the better.
When we can learn to be open to anything, our perspective changes about what we know our
world to be.

No. 6  Eat good food.

Life is too short to eat crap.  You’ll feel better, look better for sure.  But don’t just eat for health’s sake.  Immerse yourself in the pure                pleasure of eating a sensuous sumptuous bite.


No. 7  Less is  more and enough is enough.

Whether it’s the clothes you wear, the food you buy or the work the work you do, make it a matter of quality not quantity.  Over consumption  and a plate too full to enjoy will only give you indigestion.

      No. 8   Lighten up!

How and when did we learn to be so hard on ourselves and others? Time to let go and learn how to enjoy.

No. 9   Love more.

Yes,  love is complicated and disappointing and heartbreaking. It’s also liberating and exhilarating and allows us to really feel our hearts in    this heady world. Dare to love freely. Without expecting anything back.  That is all. That is everything.

No. 10  Trust your intuition.

It is god acting on your best behalf.  So when you get that nudge, follow it home to where you need to go. Hesitate, and the moment is lost,  the gift is gone.