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Intuition is a valuable asset.

You know what intuition feels like.

 Subtle synchronistic signs.

The bright light of illumination that sparks inspiration and action. Doors seem to open sesame and everything falls into place.

Glaring red flags.

The uncomfortable, yet familiar nudging. It starts deep in the pit of your stomach or as a lump in the back of your throat. It’s the queasy uneasiness that makes you think twice.

Pay attention to these feelings.  These are the messages of your TRUTH.

As an entrepreneur, you have a vision to realize your unique way of seeing the world. You might not always know how to realize your dreams, but you do know what the experience should look and feel like as it unfolds.  When it feels good, we can easily go with the flow, even if we don’t have any evidence to tell us so.   If it isn’t feeling good in the gut, something isn’t right. It’s so simple and subtle that we sometimes miss the signs or dismiss the warnings.

Intuition requires only one thing, that we allow ourselves to listen. What you hear may be just the thing you need to know.

{What is true for you?}

After being an entrepreneurial artist for more than twenty years, I’ve learned to trust my intuition as a trusted gatekeeper. It hasn’t always been so. I’ve suffered the consequences of going against my gut and not paying heed to the red flags that signaled some warning of what was to come. I’ve let others with airs of authority make decisions that, in the end,  did not reflect my beliefs, values or philosophy. Advisors and advocates are sometimes essential, but don’t always assume  that the “experts” know best. No one knows your business better than you do.

I’ve also made big and bold decisions on a mere hunch. No analysis or advice needed, just a confident knowing that this is where I should go.

I now make most of my daily decisions from what I know to be true, for me, right now. I still gather information and speak with advisors when needed, but I always listen to what my intuition has to say. That is the answer I trust.  After having abdicated my authority and undermining my intutition enough times, I’ve learned how important it is to take whatever amount of time is needed to make important decisions. And, sometimes I change my mind at the last minute. It may ruffle a few feathers, but if I truly believe it will bring a better outcome, I’m willing to take the fall. It’s always easier to accept a bad decision that I have made, than living with the “ I knew it” that comes after having dismissed my intuition and buckled to the pressure of someone else’s direction.

The next time you need to make an important decision, take the time to delve a little deeper and check in where it matters. Talk to trusted friends and colleagues that really know you, your vision and your goals. Hearing yourself talk out loud is a good way to hear if what you’re saying is really your truth. We often say what we think others want to hear or are afraid to say what needs to be spoken. When we sit with our own silence for long enough, the truth reveals itself on its own.

Once you get clarity with the direction you need to take, move ahead with confidence and conviction.

Know that no matter how much you trust your intuition, plan and prepare, you are going to make some bad choices and poor decisions. Even the most thoughtful and seemingly sound decisions will sometimes deliver lackluster results. Learn from the experience and move on.   It’s all part of the process and learning we experience along the way.

Intuition doesn’t show up on the balance sheet, but it may be one of the biggest contributors to the bottom line that matters most, our heart. Guard this asset with your life.