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The Evolution Experiment


You have much to be grateful for but want to find more beauty and meaning in what you do and how you live. You want some kind of change. You’re longing for something more soulful and sustainable. Maybe little or nothing is working as you wish. You’re broke and broken or quickly approaching burnout and ready to bust.

We see others who have found the key that opens the door that unlocks the treasure. They’re living their deepest desires and making their dreams come true. They’ve faced their fears, overcome adversity and made it through to the other side. We’re ready to get to the other side. We’re ready to make more, different, better dreams come true for ourselves. We gather information, set intentions, put our ideas out into the world and wait for the change to happen. It doesn’t happen.

Old patterns surface. We get sideswiped by something else seemingly more important. We stumble and fall. Again. Our best intentions are left sitting on a shelf. We are left wondering, “What’s the next step? ”

We wait for the answer to arrive and all we hear is the whooshing of the wind.

And then, after we sit in our silence, through the discomfort, amongst the uncertainty, a faint and familiar voice finally speaks.


The answer seems too simple.  And yet, most of us, if we’re really honest with ourselves, take the step we know. The automatic pilot step. The step that feels familiar, safe and certain. It’s not our intention, but it is often our reaction. How do we break free of this maddening cycle of mediocrity and more of the same?


When you normally go right, go left. When you typically choose this, choose that. When you always answer “no”, say “yes.” When you do it this way, do it another way, a new way. Even one small step in a new direction can, over time, change everything. When you get mired in your own muck, start thinking about what you can do for others. When you are afraid, show up anyway. When you doubt yourself, find others who believe in you to encourage you. Let discovery and doing something new and different be the only invitation you accept. Sounds risky, right? Yep. But at this point, you’ve probably realized that the greater risk is staying stuck where you are. Another month, another year, another career. Mediocrity is a killer. Are you willing to take that risk?

Risk isn’t easy. It doesn’t always turn out the way we think it will. We’ll make bad decisions. We’ll get lost and have a hard time finding our way. And, we’ll discover new and exciting ideas and inspiration. We’ll surprise ourselves unexpectedly. We’ll get lost and see that the detour we’ve taken was only to find our way. Curiosity becomes the better choice over certainty. Openness seems easier now than dutifully spit- shining our protective armor.

We learn to listen with a new appreciation for what the other person is saying, not how we might reactively respond. We see our old self shedding and see glimpses of a new Self becoming. We’re no longer sideswiped by circumstances or thrown off balance by what someone says or does. We own up to our stories without embarrassment or shame . We view things and people anew. We see the world with astounding aesthetic arrest and awe. How do we get from here to there?


Life can be an amazing adventure when we surrender to another way of being. It’s a way of being that allows the hidden helping hands to support us. It’s a way of being that trusts that a source greater than our self knows the way. It’s an acceptance that what is happening right now is exactly what we need. The map is what’s in front of us. Follow that shiny bright north star. It’s what your heart hears and your soul aches for. Are you listening? Are you ready?

Start by taking a step in a new direction.